3 Best portable gun safe reviews Amazon 2019

Portable Gun Safes

Portable gun safe comes in handy when you need to travel with your firearms. Especially in airlines where it is necessary to handle the firearms properly.

This article outlines the three most used and best portable gun safes in the market. All products mentioned here are available for sale on amazon at a discounted price so you may click any of the links to know more or buy a safe.

These portable gun safes are only meant for small handguns and pistols.

Before you get started, you can also drop a message to us through our gun safe advisor form outlining your needs so we can suggest an appropriate gun safe to you accordingly.

So, let us take a look at the top choices:

#1 Sentry Safe PP1K

The PP1K portable pistol safe is the star of our list. The PP1K has no negative customer reviews on Amazon and fits the definition of a quality portable gun safe in the best manner.Portable Gun Safes

The safe is available in basic, combination and bio-metric lock variants which differ a bit in price and added security. The USP of this gun safe for which it has received the most appreciation and positive customer reviews is its quick and reliable access.

The bio-metric variant of this safe is the best as scans two fingers providing added protection. Apart from that, if the bio-metric lock hangs, a 4 digit key input can also be entered. A separate backup key is also provided in case of emergencies.

The safe is large enough to store most of the handguns. For more information and customer based experience you can also refer to the customer reviews on Amazon.


#2 GunVault NV200 nanovault.

Available in the basic key lock system model, this safe is more of a “carry bag” for your handguns. The safe is cheap, secure and provides protection from fizzy kids and friends who are always after your gun.Portable hangun safe

Although, the safe is small and light, it passes the TSA firearm guidelines for transporting it through airlines. It is compact and made up with 18 gauge steel and has been rigorously tested for quality.

This handgun safe also includes a security cable so you can fasten it to something for added protection. It is also padded with a 1.25 thick foam on the interior which prevents rattling and protects the valuables from damage.

The best part is that Gunvault provides a five year exclusive full warranty for fire and burglary. Priced at a minor amount you shouldn’t think twice before buying this gun safe for your valuables and firearms.

View more customer reviews and buy it on Amazon at a discounted price.



#3 Snapsafe Lockbox

The cheapest gun safe in the amazon store we could find. This safe would cost you less than a meal and of you plan to just separate out your handguns from other baggage this is the best option.Portable gun safe

This safe is large enough to store a full sized revolver with some ammunition. It operates on a key lock system and is quite a durable item for use.

It is manufactured in the USA and weighs only 3.6 pounds, thus it is easy to carry.

The customer feedback will educate you more on this item.



The portable gun safes mentioned in this article have been chosen upon the base of customer feedback on the Amazon online store. If you plan to save some time you can also write to us through our gun safe advisor form and we will reach out to you ASAP.

You can also take a look at our top rated gun safes.

Note: All the gun safes mentioned here have been ranked on the basis of customer reviews and feedback.


Detailed Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews

Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews

Steelwater is among the top manufacturer of gun safes in the American market and this Steelwater gun safe reviews article would discuss the features of its different gun safes.

The gun safes manufactured by this company are known for their their toughness, durability, reliability and fire resistance.

Before you start reading this review. Take a look at the video below.This video is also helpful for people who think if steelwater safes are any good.

This man lost everything in a robbery. Now he uses a Steelwater gun safe to start over.

With a lot of other large players in the market, Steelwater has maintained its reputation through the quality of its gun safes.

In this Steelwater gun safe review, we will take a look at the three most popular Steelwater gun safes in the market.

We will discuss their features and see some real customer reviews for credible facts.

Steelwater is primarily famous for manufacturing heavy duty fireproof gun safes. Here we will take a look at the 16 gun, 20 gun, 22 gun and 39 steelwater safe.

The main fear people have regarding their firearms is burglary and fire when they are away.

Steelwater gun safes stand among the most reliable safes in the market which address these issues perfectly.

All the gun safes mentioned in this Steelwater gun safe review are fire proof and have cleared the standards of the California Department of Justice(some safes here even exceed them).

So here we begin with Steelwater gun safe reviews.

Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long gun Safe

This is a fireproof gun safe. And yes, it has been tested for fire protection
according to the standards.Steelwater gun safe reviews

The safe is 45 minutes fire rated at 1550 Fahrenheit, which means it can withstand temperatures of 1550 Fahrenheit(843.33 degree Celsius).

It has a maximum capacity of 16 long guns(after removing the 4 adjustable shelves) and houses an average of 8-10 guns along with ammo and other valuables.

View more images of this safe

Manufactured with 12 gauge steel it has a five inches(approx.) thick door and 9 solid steel locking bolts which are used to bolt it down with a wall.

The safe is equipped with a gear driven lock and bolt system, which means that it is resistant to pry bar attacks, punch attacks. For protection from drilling attacks, a drill hard plate has also been installed.

Company provides a FREE dehumidifier, and a free dry pack with 200 gram rechargeable silica gel with this safe.

The digital keypad lock is programmable and can store passwords 3-8 numbers long. This is a nice benefit as you do not have to carry a key always.

An emergency bypass key is also included in the package in case you forget the password.

The shipping for this product is entirely free however you will have to call in assemblers and bear the installation charges after delivery. But that’s all fine when you are getting a free shipping deal and a discounted price.

The customer support team of steelwater is fabulous and gets all the doubts cleared providing all the possible assistance.

It also has a lifetime burglary and fire protection warranty and a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Here is what a customer has to say:

Best safe I ever bought highly recommended to any one just remember to read the info on the safe on the delivery and also moving it into your house because it is heavy but very well built there is not a chance any one is getting in it at all.


Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 gun Safe

An upgraded version of the above mentioned safe, it has a larger internal space and can house a maximum of 20 long guns in it.Steelwater 20 gun safe reviews

It weighs 425 pounds and is 45 minute fire rated at 1550 degrees Fahrenheit.

The keypad lock embedded in it is EMP proof. Moreover, a bypass key is also provided in the package so you are never locked out of your safe.

The hinges in this safe are exposed but that isn’t a problem because even if the hinges are removed there are 9 pins inside which prevent the door from being removed.

Interior of the safe is completely adjustable and all the shelves can be removed to attain maximum capacity.

View more images of this safe.

The safe has been designed to rest all its weight on the floor so bolting it to the wall is not recommended.

Shipping on this safe is free and warranties are the same as 16 gun safe variant.

Here is a customer’s review:

I’d love my safe, its awesome, you can open it in 2 seconds and closed it in one. id don’t think you can get anything better than these, its amazing. and id used it for all, jewelry cash and hardware, in an out in a flash. if you’re looking for a safe look no further, you hit the one you need and deserve.


Steelwater Extreme Duty 22 Gun Safe

A heavier and upgraded version of the steelwater gun safe series. This safe weighs a staggering 772 pounds.Steelwater 22 gun safe

It offers 2 hours(120 minutes) of fire protection at 1875 degrees Fahrenheit(1023 degree Celsius). This is somewhat close to the melting point of steel. These numbers describe the durability of this safe.

It can hold 22 guns at its maximum capacity and 14-18 guns at an average. It also exceeds the testing standards of California Department of Justice.

The Steelwater 22 gun safe has a heat expandable door seal which seals out smoke and water in the event of a fire.

Due to its larger size and components, this safe has more resistance to push, drill and pry bar attacks than its smaller variants.

View more images here

A free dehumidifier kit is also included in the package. The delivery is free and more shipping options can be discovered after calling the customer service.

The best feature of this safe is the two hour fire protection that is offered at a minimal increase in price than its smaller variants.

Here’s a customer review:

This safe, in my humble opinion, is the only true value on the market. Yes, built in China, but overseen by Americans. Each safe totally inspected in US prior to shipment to a customer. And someone always answers the phone if you need to call them. They seem to stand 100% behind there products.


Here’s one more customer testimonial video to get you going.


Steelwater extreme duty 39 Gun Safe

Complimented with three 110 volt a/c plugs and 2 USB the power supply and other electrical items for the safe can be powered easily.Steelwater gun safe reviews

The steelwater 39 gun safe has an average storage capacity of 30-33 guns along with other valuables and ammo.

This safe has been tested for 120 minutes(2 hours) of fire protection at 1875 degree Fahrenheit. Embedded with a 8x locker hard plate, the safe provides protection against prying and drilling attacks.

View More Images of this safe.

The remaining features of this safe are almost same as its smaller variants other than its combination lock. It includes the free shipping and warranty policy.

Here is a customer review:

great safe top quality


These are the Steelwater gun safe reviews which would help you in choosing one for your firearms.

You can click on any of the links above to buy a product.

P.S: All the products mentioned in the Steelwater gun safe reviews article have been thoroughly researched and have been ranked and placed here based upon the best customer reviews.