Corner Gun Safe-The Real and Unique One

Corner Gun Safe/Cabinet

A corner gun safe is a great space saver and stays hidden from the eyes of people, even in the most cramped rooms.

But before you think about buying a new corner gun safe, I must tell you that they do not exist.

Yes. You read that right. There are no corner gun safes available in the market, but there are corner cabinets available.

The basic difference between a cabinet and a safe is the ease to break into them. A cabinet is easier to break in than a safe which has heavy doors and locks.

Corner gun cabinets are often termed as corner gun safe to generalize the term. Companies do not manufacture heavy corner gun safes because of their design and shape which does not meet the purpose.

This does not mean that corner gun cabinets aren’t effective. The only difference is that an if an expert burglar could pry open a safe in 10 minutes, he would pry open a cabinet in 5.

This is the reason you can buy a gun cabinet for a lower price where safes cost $2500 and more.

Though this doesn’t defy the ability of gun cabinets in any way.
Corner gun cabinets are an excellent and intelligent way to store your firearms, especially in cramped places. They also provide a camouflage advantage so people do not notice them.

After conducting some extensive search on the internet for good corner gun safes for sale, I found out the best available corner gun safe in the market.

And to help you in buying this gun safe, I found it out on

So, let us take a quick look at it’s features and what existing customers have to say about it.

The Homak 10 gun corner Gun Cabinet

Pry resistant full length hinge(This would offer some extra safety from Corner Gun Safeburglars).

4 point locking system.

15.77 cubic feet of storage.

Can be installed at any right angled corner easily.

Weighs 96 pounds.

Here are a couple of reviews from satisfied customer’s:

Have had one of these for better than ten years and am looking to purchase another. Hides well behind a door. – Gray Mohr.


This is actually a great product and for the reviewers that state it is merely thin sheet metal or easy to break into with a frigging

It is a CABINET, not a $2500 SAFE. It is very roomy, offers a lot of options for organization, etc.

The reason I gave it 4 stars was that it only came with 2 keys and you need both AT THE SAME TIME to open the cabinet. So, if you lose
one, you are SOL or calling the company for a replacement. – Jose H. Mariscal.

You can buy the Homak 10 corner gun safe on the Amazon store.


Apart from that, if you need any further suggestions on gun safes, you can try our gun safe advisor form. We offer free suggestions to people who need help in finding a suitable gun safe according to their needs.

Top 3 Gun Safes with Fingerprint Scanner Lock Review

Gun Safes with fingerprint scanner Lock

With technology becoming more versatile, Gun safes with fingerprint scanner lock have become easy to be found in the market.

Although, choosing the right gun safe is still a hectic task. To help you save some time and money with this issue, this article comes up with the best choices which you can choose.

A gun safe with a fingerprint scanner can only be accessed by feeding in the fingerprint it stores. There are gun safes available in the market which can store anywhere from 10 to 200 different fingerprints.

The reason bio-metric gun safes can store multiple fingerprints is to allow access to multiple people at a time.

Apart from the fingerprint lock, the bio-metric safes also have an emergency master key which can be used to open the safe in case of an emergency or malfunction.

Finding the best gun safes with fingerprint lock will surely consume a lot of your time.

If you are in a hurry, the gun safe company would suggest you to fill out our gun safe advisor form. Once you fill it, we will come up with a set of the most relevant choices based upon your need.Now, before buying a bio-metric gun safe, you should be aware that the finding a gun safe with fingerprint scanner is not the only concern.

  • The safe should be durable enough to withstand burglary attempts.
  • Whether you want the safe to be fireproof/waterproof?
  • How many guns you plan to store in the gun safe.
  • How do you plan to install the gun safe(within a wall, or in basement or in open space).

Here we have mentioned one big bio-metric rifle safe and a couple of small bio-metric handgun safes. These are the best in quality and price in their categories.If your needs fall beyond these mentioned gun safe, please fill out our advisor form to get personalized suggestions.

Gun Vault SV 500 Speed Vault

The best selling small gun safe available in the market. This gun safe with fingerprint scanner has taken the market by storm.

Easy to install and store, the gun safe allows quick access to the fire arm.

Gun Safes with fingerprint scanner lock
Gunvault biometric pistol safe

This small and secure gun safe weighs only eight pounds and is operated by a one 9 volt battery. The gun safe is fitted with foam on the inside to protect your valuable firearm from scratches or rattling.

An override security key ensures you will never get stuck in situations when the safe doesn’t grant access.

This gun safe with fingerprint scanner is best to be used under desks and at cash counters. This is one of the best budget gun safe in the market.

View more images and features of SV 500 Gun Vault Quick Access Safe .


Sentry Safe quick access gun safe

Rated as the bestseller in the gun safes section on amazon, this sentry safe has a pry-resistant top lid. This means that you don’t need to be scared about burglars opening the safe through a pry bar.

Gun Safe with fingerprint scanner lock
Sentry quick access gun safe

The safe has an embedded gas strut on the interior to facilitate a quick and quiet access. It comes in bio-metric lock, mechanical lock and portable model variations.

It can be bolted down horizontally onto a shelf or the floor. The safe is among the best sellers in the market and more with more than a thousand positive reviews.

Here is what a buyer has to say:”You can open it with EITHER the biometric scan or the code or the key. It doesn’t require more than one method to enter it. I have a glock 27 and I can keep it, 2 extra magazines, a lock, and a box of ammo in it comfortably. This is an awesome safe! I strongly recommend for your bedside weapon or your EDC for safe keeping”

View more images and features of Sentry Safe Quick Access Gun Safe.


Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

The most common and frequently bought bio-metric rifle safe in the market.

The Barska Quick Access Bio-metric Rifle Safe can hold up to three rifles along with a handgun and some ammo in it.

The bio-metric technology in the gun safe can save up to 120 different identities and includes two back up keys for emergency access.

top rated gun safe
Barska biometric rifle safe

It can be studded either into the wall or the floor and is powered by 4 AA batteries which can last for up to two years.

Barska offers a one year warranty on this product, more details on which can be obtained in their catalog.

With a plethora of gun safes with fingerprint scanner lock out there in the market, we chose the best for you. These safes are relevant for people most of the time.

View more images and features of the Barska Quick Access Bio-metric Rifle Safe.

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