A Gun Rack you can’t ignore-Review 2023

A gun rack is an effective way to store and showcase your guns. It not only provides a stand for your guns, but also adds to the beauty and class of your place.

Gun racks do not provide any protection to your guns like a gun safe or vault. But, it does arrange them beautifully and conveniently.

With a plethora of options available in the market, there is a gun rack which has taken the market by storm. And, it is obvious that you go crazy about it once you take a look at it.

Winchester RASW003 Run Around Susan Gun Rack

Winchester is famous in the firearms industry for manufacturing masterpieces. In this procession, the company has manufactured this amazing gun rack.

Made from a combination of plywood and steel this rotating gun rack pleases the eyes of everyone. The rack has a 12 gun rotating display which makes it perfect for displays and trade shows.Gun Rack

The carousel gun rack helps in displaying the firearms just like clothes in a supermarket. The sturdy base ensures that it doesn’t tip off, even while holding heavy rifles.

If you are more creative, you can also place this rotating gun rack in a gun safe. Although, you need to take size of both in to consideration. But it’s all about being creative. šŸ™‚

The silicon rubber pads and locks ensure that your gun is placed firmly and doesn’t fall off the rack hence causing damage.

The telescopic height adjustment allows you to adjust the height of this rotating rack according to your convenience.

This rack is exceptional for gun shows, hunting cabins, gun storage and displays. If you own a gun shop, you won’t find a better item than this rack.

You can place 12 guns on this rotating rack at once. Perfect for both home and store usage, this amazing gun rack from Winchester is no doubt a must buy product for every gun owner.


Best Prescription Shooting Glasses Review 2023

Shooting can become annoying if you have to struggle with your prescription glasses over the range. Nobody likes to compromise with safety at the shooting range. For people with eye problems like myopia and hypermetropia, prescription shooting glasses have proven to be a boon.best prescription shooting glasses

Here we will do a review of Allen over shooting and safety sunglasses for use with prescription glasses.

These Allen safety glasses are ANSI Z87 impact resistant and have metallic coating on their lenses which provides 100% UV protection.

The glass has clear lenses which can be used at the shooting range or for everyday use. Like riding cars, working with industrial tools or any other chores.

These safety glasses have a large size which makes them easily fit over all types of spectacles. The rubber guard on the top portion of these safety glasses ensures that you are comfortable while using these glasses.

These safety glasses work well with all types of earmuffs without any problem.

Here’s what a customer has to say:

Durable and Comfortable

I wore these to the range last weekend. They survived being in my purse with my other range stuff, and they were comfy to wear while shooting. They seem well made and durable.

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