3 Best Portable Gun Safe Reviews 2021

Your search for the best portable gun safes comes to a halt. This article will describe the best portable gun safe reviews for your to choose one of your choice.

A portable gun safe, should have the following qualities:

  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to conceal.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Hard to open.


Best Portable Gun Safe under $100

After some extensive research and comparisons, we have come up with the First Alert 5200 DF handgun/pistol safe to be the most desired and renowned portable gun safe in the market. portable gun safe reviews

This gun safe at a price tag of less than 100 dollars is the best in its category. Although there are several other portable gun safes you would find for as cheap as $20, but it would not be good to call them a safe.

This First Alert portable gun safe is the best bet for your money. The reason:

Weight: This portable pistol safe weighs only 4 pounds.

Material: Made up from 18 gauge steel with black powder-coat finish.

Safety: 3 to 8 digit “no see” programmable pass code.

Care: Foam padded interior to protect your firearms.

Capacity: It can accommodate one big handgun like a 1911 .45 or two small handguns like .380 and .40.

You can view the customer reviews and images to see how well guns fit in this portable gun safe.

Here’s what a customer has to say:

Gift for my dad and he LOVED it. Perfect size for the RV or traveling!!

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Best Portable Gun Safe Reviews – under $200

As you increase the price, you increase the quality. The next best gun safe in the below 200 dollar range is the Sentry Safe Bio-metric Quick access pistol safe.

Best gun safe for the money

This handgun safe is one of the most loved gun safes in the market and on the Amazon store. A sturdy and easy to carry safe which will protect your firearms from damage as well as theft.

Weight: 12 pounds.

Material: Made up of 12 gauge solid steel, this portable pistol safe is hard to break in.

Safety: Bio-metric as well as electronic keypad lock to keep your contents secure. The safe also has an override key to use in case of an emergency. The single handed access feature of the gun safe makes it best for use in emergency situations. The safe is also pry proof.

Care: The interior of the safe is foam padded so your handguns are safe and don’t rattle while you move the safe around.

Capacity: The safe can accommodate one small handgun along with a couple of magazines and ammo. The rest depends upon your creativity.

This gun safe is easy to use and gives an instant response. The finger print reader, can read your finger prints and open the safe within one second, without making any noise.

This safe can either be carried in transit, or when not to be used as a portable safe, this can be bolted down to any place.

You can view the customer reviews and their images of this sentry safe on Amazon.

The customer reviews and the features of this safe have earned this product a place in this portable gun safe review.

Here’s what a customer has to say:

Perfect Safe Better Price

Great safe, holds two compacts and two magazines no problem. Biometric fingerprint has worked every time for me since I bought this safe 6 months ago. Highly recommended

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Gun Vault SV500 Quick Access Bio-metric Gun Safe.

The most loved product in the history of online gun safes. This amazing handgun safe has taken the market by storm.

Best gun safe for the money

It’s stylish, durable and compact to provide you with the best experience. The safe is easy to conceal and quick to open. The main feature of this product is its quick access capability and the bio-metric lock which provides added protection.

Trusted by more than 1500 positive customer reviews on Amazon, the safe is a must buy product for handgun owners.

Weight: 8.2 pounds. Easy to carry and conceal.

Material: Made up from 18 gauge steel, the casing is strong enough.

Safety: A quick access bio-metric lock. Reads your fingerprint within one second.

Care: Internally padded with foam so your handgun is safe and does not rattle.

Capacity: Can accommodate one handgun. The safe has an inbuilt LED light which glows when you open the safe. This is helpful in low light conditions.

This gun safe can be mounted in different positions and can be concealed easily.

Here’s what a customer has to say:

This is the only safe I use now for quick access handguns, fits everything I have from pocket to full size 1911

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These were the 3 best portable gun safe reviews to help you out with buying the best gun safe for your needs.

If you need further help, you can use our gun safe advisor form. We’ll send you the best suggestions according to your needs.

Stack on 10 gun safe reviews-2019

Being a renowned manufacturer in the firearms safety industry, the company’s ought to have a Stack on 10 gun safe in its product line. This article presents the detailed overview and reviews of Stack on 10 gun safes. You can also buy these gun safes instantly on Amazon by clicking on any of the ‘buy now’ links mentioned in this review article.

Before starting out with the review content, let us refine the search first. If you understand the difference between a ‘gun safe’ and a ‘gun cabinet’ you can skip reading the next paragraph.

For those who want to get a clear understanding of the concept, here it is. A gun cabinet is only a sort of closet. It offers limited protection. Its just like a cupboard and can be pried open easily with little or no effort. On the other hand, a gun safe is a sort of vault. It offers protection. By protection we mean protection from forced entry, and burglary attempts.

For the sake of clarity, this article has been fragmented into two sections. The first one talks about Stack on 10 gun cabinets and the second section describes stack on 10 gun safes. So let us begin reviewing the features of stack on 10 gun safes and cabinets available in the market.

Stack on 10 gun Cabinets

As we already know, that gun cabinets only have the capability of providing limited protection and cover to your firearms. However, people who want limited protection on a low budget often go for gun cabinets. Although, this is not a very good choice if you are looking to protect your firearms.

As known, the gun cabinets provide limited protection, which means they won’t last long in case of a burglary attempt. It is not wise to store your firearms in gun cabinets however, that totally a matter of discretion.

Gun cabinets can come in handy if you don’t have much people to mingle with your belongings, like kids or curious guests. If you live in a place with light records of burglary attempts, you can always opt-in to buy a gun cabinet.

Now let us take a look at some of the most popular and largely bought 10 gun cabinets in the market.

Stack On GCG-910-DS Steel 10 gun security cabinet

This is one of the most sold 10 gun security cabinets in the market. This gun cabinet has received more than 250 reviews on amazon, and has a rating of 4.5 stars. This fact is viable enough to depict the trust of customers in the product and the quality of stack on gun cabinets.Stack on 10 gun safe cabinet

Apart from having a lot of positive customer reviews, this gun cabinet is also among the top 20 bestsellers in the safes and storage section of amazon. The GCG-910-DS cabinet has been approved by the California department of Justice for meeting all their specified standards for proper storage of firearms.

The gun cabinet can be used to store 10 rifles of maximum 52 inches in length. The steel shelf provided on the top is removable if you would like to store only rifles. The shelf has enough space to store a good amount of ammunition or other handguns.

The bottom of this cabinet is padded with foam so you don’t have to worry about scratches on your lovable guns.

Here’s a video describing the stack on 10 gun safe in detail:

Let us take a look at the features of the gun security cabinet one by one:

Weight: 56.1 pounds

Dimensions: 13.5W x 17L x 53H inches.

Lock Mechanism: Combination Lock.

Color: Green and Black. Black color is priced higher than the green color variant. Although the difference is not large.

Warranty: 1 year manufacturing defect warranty.

Protection: Impact resistant. Limited protection from burglars. Best for protecting from kids.

Fireproof/Waterproof: Really!(How can you expect this at such low price).

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Stack On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double Door security Cabinet

The GCDB 924 gun cabinet has a large space for storing firearms, ammunition and other valuables. As we already know about the usability and characteristics of a gun cabinet, the feature we are focusing upon right now is the storage space of GCDB-924.Stack On double door gun cabinet

This gun cabinet has two sections. One for storing rifles and the other one with shelves for storing ammunition and other valuables. The gun storage section has a storage capacity of 10 guns with a maximum length of 54 inches. This section is padded on its bottom so the guns don’t get scratched or damaged.

The valuables storage section has 4 removable steel shelves padded with foam for protecting the valuables. That is a really nice option for people who want to keep all their valuables at one place.

The cabinet has a three point locking system with coded keys. This means that each safe has a unique pair of keys. The reinforced full sized steel door provides additional protection in cases of forced entry attempts.

As the cabinet has a large storage area, Stack-on has not compromised with the security features and quality of the safe. This cabinet is a nice option for people who want a large storage space with good protection in a small budget. The cabinet has been manufactured in the USA.

Let us take a look at some of the features of this safe:

Weight: 116.07 pounds.

Dimensions: 13.5 x 32 x 55.1 inches.

Lock Mechanism: Key coded lock.

Color: Black.

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty from Stack On.

Material: Steel.

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Stack on 10 Gun Safe

Now we shall take a look at the best stack on 10 gun safes available in the market. These gun safes have been sorted out from the online store based upon the average customer reviews and have been found to perform nicely.

Stack on SS-10-MG-C 10 gun safe with combination lock

This is a stack on 10 gun safe with combination lock. It has a holding capacity of 10 firearms up to 54 inches tall at its maximum capacity. This safe is available in hunter green color only.  Stack on 10 gun safe reviews

The 10 gun safe has one removable shelf on the top for storage some ammunition or valuables. Moreover, it can be bolted down to the wall to offer advanced protection. It is one of the most bough stack on 10 gun safe in the market.

In regards to the combination lock, the gun safe comes with a user manual which has the code for the lock. This is the only way to open the safe. So you should make sure that you have the user manual at the time of delivery. If in any case you lose the lock code, you will have to contact stack on for opening the safe.

Now lets take a look at the features of the gun safe:

Weight: 129 pounds.

Dimensions: 12.5 x 15.9 x 55.1 inches.

Color: Hunter Green.

Warranty: Limited three years warranty.

Lock Mechanism: Combination Lock.



Stack On SS-10-MB-E with electronic lock.

This stack on 10 gun safe has an electronic lock mechanism for protection of your firearms and valuables. The safe is available in black color for purchase on amazon. It can hold 10 firearms 54 inches tall, at its maximum capacity. It is by far, the best affordable gun safe in the market.stack on gun safe

Apart from being secure the safe is also stylish with chrome accents on it. Thus providing a lavish look to you as well as your guests. The safe weighs only 145 and so is easy to move around your place. Probably the best stack on 10 gun safe for you to buy.

Let’s get some insights on the gun safe:

Weight: 146 pounds.

Dimensions: 14.5 x 15.5 x 55.6 inches.

Color: Black.

Locking Mechanism: Electronic Lock.

Warranty: Limited Three year warranty.

Power source: 2 AA batteries(included with the package).

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So these were the best rated stack on 10 gun safe reviews. You now have a nice understanding of the features of these safes. You can buy them on amazon by clicking the buttons in green.