Best Large Gun Safe for the Money 2019

A large gun safe can accommodate anywhere from 16 to 40 firearms at a time.

That is the general standard requirement for any firearms owner looking for large gun safes. If you are looking for even bigger safes, you should use our gun safe advisor form so we may send you a quick suggestion.

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Starting with the review, this article compiles some of the best large gun safes for the money. These safes are tested and have been reviewed by experts.

Moreover, the gun safes mentioned in here are popular in the market and have a lot of positive customer feedback.

So let’s start off with the list.

Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Gun Fireproof Safe

When it comes to large gun safes, Steelwater stands among one of the best gun safe suppliers.

The safes manufactured by Steelwater are tried and tested and meet the highest standards of the industry. Best large gun safe for the money

This gun safe can store a maximum of 16 long guns at a time. Provided all shelves from the safe have been removed. Other than that, the safe can store 8-10 long guns on average with ammo and other valuables.

The safe has a EMP-Proof Electronic Lock with a keypad and a high security double sided bypass key so you never get locked out.

The best feature of this safe is its fireproof capability. It can withstand temperatures of up to 1500 F. Which means your valuables would stay safe even in case of a fire.

The door of this gun safe is removable to make moving easier.

You can get this gun safe under $700 and with free shipping which is amazing because large gun safes with such features would cost you no less than $1500+ along with shipping.

View some real customer testimonials of this 16 gun safe.

You can also choose the advanced heavy duty version of this Steelwater 16 long gun safe which is just a hundred bucks extra but offers some added safety features.

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Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Gun Large Safe

Moving a step further, here comes the Steelwater 20 Gun fireproof safe.

The average storage capacity of this safe is 12 – 16 long guns at a time along with other valuables and ammo. The maximum storage capacity of the safe is 20 guns at a time, after removing all the shelves and arranging the guns side by side.

The safe weighs 425 pounds and can be easily moved with the help of a dolly.

The safe also features an EMP-Proof digital security lock with a keypad for fast access. A double sided emergency bypass key is also included with the package in case you forget the code.

The door of this Steelwater gun safe features a gear drive system which makes it even more resistant to pry and punch attacks. Additionally, the large drill plate makes it more secure.

The safe is fireproof up to a maximum temperature of 1550 degrees Fahrenheit.

This gun safe would cost you somewhat a little less than $900 which is amazing. You won’t find a 20 gun fireproof gun safe of such high quality in the market at such an amazing price.

Oh, and don’t forget the FREE Shipping as well.

The safe has a lot of positive reviews and feedback from its existing customers.


Steelwater Heavy Duty 22 Long Gun Safe

Before we start viewing the features of this safe, let me tell you one thing.

This safe has no negative feedback on it. It has only received 5 star reviews from customers. This should assure you about the quality of this amazing gun safe. Steelwater gun safe reviews

Featuring a pre-coded dial combination lock, this gun safe is one of the most sturdy and secure 22 gun safe available in the market. The combination lock is UL listed LaGard Group II combination dial which is drill resistant.

It has 18.5 inches solid steel locking bolts on the sides to bolt it down to the wall, and extra steel reinforced bolt down holes to provide added protection to your safe by bolting it to the floor.

The safe features full one hour of fire protection for temperatures up to 1875 F which is the best in its class of 22 gun safes.

The average storage capacity of this safe is 14-18 long guns with valuables and ammo. Which can be increased to 22 after removing all the shelves.

There are several other cheap safes in the large gun safe category which are lower in price than this one. But believe me, they are actually very CHEAP.

This is the best large gun safe for the money in its class. You can buy it at a price slightly below $1200 along with free shipping.

View more images and customer testimonials of this 22 Gun Steelwater Safe.


Steelwater 39 Rifles Large Gun Safe – Best Large Gun Safe for the Money.

Another large gun safe from the inventory of Steelwater. 39 Guns is a huge arsenal and if you need such a large gun safe, you might be a firearm seller or a firearm specialist. Steelwater gun safe reviews

This gun safe has features exactly the same is its counterparts mentioned above. The safe is just bigger in size and provides some added protection because it has the responsibility of protecting more items.

The package includes a UL Listed Outlet with 3(110V) AC plugs and 2 USB ports so you can add accessories such as gun safe dehumidifiers and LED lights to your safe.

It provides full one hour protection against fire for temperatures up to 1875 F. Which ensures that you have enough time to call help or take adequate measures in case of a firebreak.

The door features a gear drive system which make the safe highly resistant to pry and punch attacks. Thus minimizing the chances of a successful burglary.

It is no doubt the best large gun safe for the money in its class.

View more features and images of the Steelwater 39 Gun Safe.

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Steelwater 45 Rifles Large Gun Safe

The largest safe you will find in this article. This safe can store a maximum of 45 rifles at a time.

However, the average store capacity of this safe is 36-39 long rifles at a time along with other valuables and ammo.

The safe features a 8x larger drill/ballistic resistant plate to protect the lock, gear drive and other vulnerable areas of the safe from any forced entry attempts.

The safe also comes with a rechargeable dehumidifier dry pack so you can check the moisture levels for storage.

Apart from all these features, this safe also provides one hour protection again fire up to 1875 F.

An extreme version of this 45 gun safe is also available which provides 2 hours of fire protection for the same temperature. If your storage area is prone to any types of fire related threats, you should consider buying the extreme version.

View more images and customer feedback of this large 45 Gun Safe.

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To know more about Steelwater safes you can ready my detailed steelwater gun safe reviews article.

Best Cheap 24 Gun Safe Reviews 2018

Looking for the best 24 gun safe? Seems like you have a lot of guns to store.

Continue reading and you’ll find an appropriate best value gun safe to buy when you’ve finished reading this article.

If you are somewhat aware about the gun safe industry, you might be familiar with Stack-on. They are known for manufacturing economic and high quality gun safes.

This article can be seen more of a stack on 24 gun safe review as all the gun safes mentioned in the article are from Stack On. If you want to view 24 gun safes with other companies, you can read our steelwater gun safe reviews.

But that’s necessary as this is a honest article, and Stack On safes are the
most widely sold and highly rated gun safes in the market.

The main concern with large 24 gun safes is the resistance they offer towards hazards and theft. A gun safe of such size houses a large number of firearms and valuables, so it must be reliable.

If such a safe is pried open, or is not resistant to fire, then you’ll be doomed with the consequences.

The reason stack on gun safes have been covered in the article is because they are widely sold and the most positively reviewed brand in the 24 gun safe section.

So let’s begin reviewing these gun safes:

Stack-On BC-24-MB-E-S 24 Gun Buck Commander Safe

A sturdy, heavy and large safe to be bought for maximum protection.
24 gun safe
Fire Resistance: Yes. It can resist temperatures up to 1400 degree Fahrenheit for 30 minutes in case of a fire. If the Electronic lock melts due to fire, you can use the emergency backup key to open the safe.

Locking Mechanism: Electronic programmable lock. Operational lights for Open, low battery warning and incorrect entry warning.

Safety Enhancements: 2 way locking mechanism and a drill resistant hard plate behind the lock. Practically, this safe is burglar proof.

Capacity: 24 Firearms at maximum after moving the 4 adjustable shelves. The extra door organized in the package also allows to store additional items, like handguns on a holder.

Power Source: One 9V battery has to be used with the safe.

Weight: 361 pounds. Can  be moved easily with the help of a dolly.

Dimensions: 20.8 x 23.4 x 55 inches. It can easily pass through doors so you can get it installed wherever you like.

Price: $$$$(Click to find out).

Here is what a customer has to say:

“Nice, heavy, well built safe. Notice the large diameter chrome locking bolts on the door. The roomy insides and those large bolts sold me on this. A thief would have a devil of a time bending those large bolts. Compare them to other safes in this price range, can’t be beat..”

Gunsafe Company Review:

A decent safe to buy if you want all the features and are not much concerned with the price. You can follow the link to buy this Stack-On 24 gun safe from Amazon’s online store.

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Stack-On E-24-MB-E-S Elite 24 Gun safe

A huge and quite heavy gun safe.

Fire Resistance: No. That’s a drawback. If you’re concerned about fire threats, this isn’t the right product for you.

Capacity: Maximum 24 rifles after removing all the 4 adjustable shelves. MB-E-S-Elite 24 gun safeStores 12 firearms on an average along with other valuables and ammunition. The door storage with zippered bags provides extra space to store additional items.

Weight: 442 Pounds. Consider it using mainly on the ground floor.

Dimensions: 26.8 x 29 x 59 inches.

Power Source: Battery Powered. Requires One 9V battery.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime guarantee and limited 5 years warranty. You can also refer to the customer care cell for more details upon warranty.

Price: $$$$(Click to find out and buy).

Here’s what a customer has to say:

Great Safe for the price: This safe is everything I expected. Lots of space and very secure.

Gun Safe Company Review:

This safe will give you a slight concession on price compared with Stack-On Buck Commander 24 gun safe. If your’e not concerned much with fire safety, you can buy this safe without thinking twice.

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Stack-On FS-24-MB-E 24 Gun Safe

Fire Resistance: Yes. Resistant to 1400 degree Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Stack-On 24 Gun Safe

Capacity: 24 long guns at maximum. The shelves can be adjusted to reach this capacity. You can also buy a door organizer if you want more space within the safe.

Weight: 414.7 pounds. That’s huge!

Dimensions: 20 x 29.2 x 55 inches.

Power Source: One 9V battery.

Warranties: Limited lifetime guarantee and a 5 years warranty. Stack-On will replace any damaged part within that 5 years period.

Locking Mechanism: Electronic  lock.

Price: $$$(Click to find out and buy).

Here’s what a customer has to say:

“I love this safe, big, durable and heavy. Lots of options with the shelves and plenty of storage. The fact that it is keypad entry with a back up key was a huge selling point to me. I have two minor complaints, the shelves are only carpeted on two sides, but that isn’t to big of a deal, since it is hidden when the shelf is installed correctly. The barrel extenders for scoped rifles were absolute garbage, three of the five were broke within 24 hours, because they are not a solid piece of molded plastic, but glued segments. Contacted Amazon and they got Stack On to send more immediately, which was pretty awesome. – William”

Gun Safe Company Review:

The best shot for money and satisfaction. The safe is fire resistant, has a 24 gun capacity, excellent finish and an electronic lock at such reasonable price. It’s almost half the price of Stack-On Buck commander 24 gun safe, but just 20% lesser in performance than it.


Stack-On FS-24-MG-C 24 gun safe

Fire Resistant: Yes.
Stack-On Matte Green 24 Gun Safe
Weight: 415 pounds. Although, its pretty easy to move with a dolly.

Dimensions: 29 inches wide, 20.5 inches deep, and 55 inches high. Easy to pass through doors.

Locking Mechanism: Combination Lock.

Power Source: Not required. As the safe has a combination lock.

Warranty: Limited lifetime guarantee and 5 years limited warranty.

Price: $$$(Click to find out and buy).

Here’s what a customer has to say:

I took a while to get it since there was a warehouse issue with the carrier delivering it. When it did arrive, I was very please with the safe. The freight company will deliver it in your garage or just inside the house so you do have to move it to where you plan to keep it. – Rita W.

Gun Safe Company Review:

Overall, this is a good safe at a very low price. It’s comes only in matte green color. The delivery guys are very very helpful all the time and stack-on also has a decent after sales service, if you have any issues or want to claim the warranty. If gun safe quality is not a very prioritized issue and you have budget concerns, this safe will suit your needs perfectly.



You can click the $ links mentioned on the price section of each 24 gun safe to buy them on Amazon.

All the gun safes mentioned here have been sorted based upon the average customer reviews, quality and their prices to help you make the best buying decision.

Meanwhile, you can also use our Gun safe advisor form to get some help and nice suggestions on gun safes.