4 War Grade Gun Safes for the Money

This article compiles the Best gun safes for the money which would satisfy your needs. Additionally you can also use our Gun Safe Advisor query form to make this process easy.

Before buying a gun safe, you should think about your future needs regarding the safety of your firearms.

If you own even a single handgun or rifle then you will find your best safes for the money here.

Although if you own a number of weapons, or are confident about increasing your stockpile in the near future, you should surely go for the bigger safes mentioned here.

To get the most out of your money, a product doesn’t always need to be cheap. It all depends upon your perspective.

A gun safe to be very precise, is not an investment to be made every couple of years. A gun safe bought today should last for years, or maybe decades to come. A nice and big investment today would be worthy for you in the long run.

While buying a gun safe, every buyer is concerned about what’s the best he could find for the optimum price.

Before presenting to you the ‘best gun safes for the money’ chosen in this article, we must take a look at what an ideal and best for the money gun safe looks like.

An ideal gun safe should be:

  • Fire resistant plus water resistant.
  • Should have enough space to rack up guns without cramming.
  • Pry bar proof.
  • It should have a sturdy locking mechanism(mechanical or digital).
  • Provide Concealment.
  • Easy to program(if digital) and maintain.
  • The safe should be bolted to the floor or fixed to a wall for better protection.

Now, to help you out on this, after three hours of mind boggling research We have found out a couple of gun safes that are best in all regards. These are the best rated gun safes for the money. A couple of them are meant for storing handguns and the other two are larger ones for storing rifles.

So let us take a look at them:

Best Pistol and Handgun Safes for the money

The SV500 Speedvault Gun Safe

This is probably the best selling handgun safe ever seen on the internet. The SV500 has more than 1400 customer reviews only on Amazon. This clearly states that more than 50,000 pieces of this product have been sold on the Amazon channel alone.

Best gun safes for the money
Gunvault biometric pistol safe

The reason behind these huge sale charts of the SV500 is its shape, size and usability. The safe has a digital lock and is perfect fir concealing firearms even at places like shops, offices and billing counters.

With a plethora of positive customer reviews the SV500 Speedvault gun safe is one of the best bets for money. You can buy this safe from the amazon store without thinking twice. If you are looking for the best gun safe under 500, you can buy this immediately.

View more images of SV500 SpeedVault Gun Safe

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Sentry Safe Bio-metric Quick Access Pistol Safe

With more than 1200 customer reviews and 4.5 stars on the amazon store, this gun safe does not need any testimony for its credibility and performance. The safe can be accessed quickly by using the bio-metric pad on the front.

Best gun safe for the money
Sentry quick access gun safe

It is also equipped with a zero feedback lock and compression gas strut, which allows for the quick and quiet use of the gun safe. This feature can be helpful in scenarios of robberies and assaults. The safe can be mounted on the shelf or floor by bolting it down for increased protection.

View more images of Sentry Quick Access Safe

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Best Rifle Safes for the money

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

A bit more than 738 customer reviews on the Amazon store, the Barska rifle safe has enough credentials to prove itself the best gun safe for the money. Priced at an amount which is exceptional in the gun safe industry,

top rated gun safe
Barska biometric rifle safe

this item has taken the gun safe industry by storm.

A number of pieces have been sold within a short amount of time. But for the most important part, you should be aware that this safe provides limited protection. The low price is a nice offer although there are some compromises to be made. The safe will protect your firearms from kids and novice burglars but it won’t stand an experienced criminal or a fire.

Apart from this, the gun safe has a nice bio-metric lock with 120 combinations to choose from. The safe also includes two backup keys for emergency purposes. A safe merely weighing 67 pounds and small dimensions, it can be placed in the smallest corners of your home.

If you are short on budget, or have limited expectations from a gun safe, you can buy the Barska Bio-metric safe from Amazon store now. This safe proudly stands among the best gun safes for the money.



Stack on SS-22-MB-E Long Rifle Safe

If you’re holding your credit card, punch in the details right away at the amazon store for this safe. An exceptional product with positive reviews and a nice set of features to show, the Stack on SS-22 rifle safe is quite popular among buyers. Stack On 22 Gun Safe

The gun safe can hold 22 rifles at a time, at its full capacity. The safe has 4 adjustable shelves which can be removed to attain its full storage capacity. The safe has an electronic lock with operational lights for easy access and use. Find more features of this amazing gun safe on the Amazon store.




All the gun safes mentioned here are economical in their pricing and have been seen to perform great over a track of time.

The safes have been researched for customer reviews on the internet across multiple stores. Hence, this article concludes the search of the best rated gun safes for the money.

If you still have any questions, you can use our FREE gun safe advisor service to find the best gun safe for you. We always send you a reply with our suggestions within one business day.


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