Stack on Cheap 22 Gun Safe Features and Review 2022

Stack On 22 Gun Safe with electronic lock


The Stack On SS-22-MB-E is a gun safe with a maximum holding Stack On 22 Gun Safecapacity for 22 long guns at once. Undoubtedly the best safe in the 22 gun section, this safe complies to the brand name associated with it.

This stack on gun safe is the best bet for money in this price range. Although you can also go for some higher priced and upgraded gun safes if you have some more money to spare.


The SS-22 is called convertible because it has 4 shelves inside it which can be adjusted or removed to change the storage capacity. The interior of the gun safe is carpeted to prevent your valuables from scratches or damage.

It can hold rifles and shotguns up to 54 inches tall. After removing all the shelves, and the rifles stacked sided by side the safe can hold maximum 22 rifles in it.

Ample space has been provided to set up dehumidifiers and LED lights.


Black epoxy paint finish with chrome accents and silk screen on the door.

An electronic lock which features operational lights for open, low battery warning and incorrect entry functions.

Two backup keys for bypassing the electronic lock in case of an emergency.

The gun safe weighs 247 pounds and can be moved easily with the help of a dolly.


The safe is convertible so more firearms or valuables can be stored according to the requirement.

It is perfectly priced and is the best model in this price range. Most of the positive customer reviews for this product are related to the quality of this safe at such low prices.

Fantastic locking mechanism and front door. It is resistible to tampering an pry bars and would provide protection for a long time in case of burglary attempts.

The safe is solidly built and has a sturdy body even at such low price.

If you keep fireproofing features aside, then this safe is best price 22 gun safe available in the market. Fireproof safes cost way more than this one. And as I already said, if you have extra money to spare, you can go for costlier fireproof safes. It all depends upon your needs and concern for safety.

Here are a couple of customer reviews to help you understand this Stack on 22 gun safe better:

This is great. Super easy to program
This is great. Super easy to program. I would buy another one if I ever needed one .Best thing I ever got from amazon.


It came a week early and I absolutely love it. No damage and works perfectly. I just received my safe. It came a week early and I absolutely love it. No damage and works perfectly. The electronics work perfect so far. I would highly recommend this safe to anyone.

You can also take a look at more images of this Stack On Gun safe.

This Stack on 22 gun safe is also the best gun safe for the money 2017 with such features and price. You shouldn’t think twice before buying this safe for protecting your valuables.

Take a look at the price of this gun safe and you will understand why it is the best bang for your buck.


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A Marvelous Double Door Gun Cabinet For You – 2022

A double door gun cabinet provides a large space for storing firearms and valuables.

The main advantage it provides is that you can store your rifles and valuables in separate sections so if you have to hand over the key to your teenage kid, you are assured that the rifles section won’t be opened.

That’s only a carved out advantage of the double door gun safe, and….oh! One more thing which I forgot to mention.

This article talks about double door gun cabinets and not safes. There is a minute difference between a safe and a cabinet. A cabinet provides limited protection whereas a safe is more sturdy and resistant.

Although it won’t affect the purpose for which you are going to buy the double door cabinets. Your guns and valuables would be safe enough. Moreover, safes are also likely to be pried open(in some cases).

So here we are going to take a look at two of the best double door gun cabinets in the market.

To make the buying decision and purchase easy for you, the safes mentioned here are available on Amazon (at a discount).

Now let’s take a look at the shortlisted Double door gun cabinets:

Stack on 10 gun double door security cabinet

This stack on double door gun cabinet is the most loved and trusted cabinet available on Amazon.
Here’s a review posted by a customer:

My house was actually broken into about 4 weeks ago and I had a smaller version of this safe. They took a lot of things but no matter what they tried they couldn’t open this security cabinet. They did bend it and scratch it all up which is why I decided to buy another one.

Looking at its features:

It weighs 117 pounds and is assembled entirely in USA.Stack on 10 gun double door gun cabinet

Has a 3 point locking system with double butted key coded lock.

Mounting holes for easy attachment to the wall or floor.

The base and the shelves are padded with foam for avoiding scratches to the valuables.

Both cabinets have separate locks.

The shelves are removable so you can adjust the storage space accordingly.

This gun safe can easily house 10 rifles and shotguns with maximum lengths of 54 inches.

The safe also has a large number of positive reviews on Amazon.

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Stack on 16 gun double door gun cabinet

The best rated double door gun safe for the money. If you have a need of storing more than 10 guns, you shall buy this cabinet without thinking twice.

This safe is almost same as the one mentioned above, though this one is convertible and can be used to store 16 to 31 guns in it.

The shelves in the other double door gun cabinet can be removed to create space for 15 more guns which gives it a maximum capacity of 31 guns.

The features of this gun include: 16 gun double door gun safe

Reinforced steel doors.

Extensible gun storage capacity.

3 point locking system with key coded lock.

All other features are same as in the safe mentioned above.

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So these were a couple of double door gun cabinets which are perfect to be bought in every possible regards.

Move on to by following the links mentioned in this article to buy any of these double door gun safes now.

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