Best Gun Concealment Furniture 2022

Gun Concealment is a quirky, yet intelligent idea of storing guns at your place. Gun Concealment furniture available in the market can help you out with this.

How funny it would be if the guests visiting your home found themselves sitting on a bench which actually contains your guns and ammo.

Moreover, in case of a burglary at your place, the burglars would never find your firearms and take them away. That’s a big plus.

Apart from all these benefits, concealment furniture also provides you with storage options for your firearms. So, overall it is a complete win-win situation for you.

Here in this article, we’ll check out some nice gun concealment furniture items available in the market.

So let’s begin.

American Furniture Classics 502 Gun Concealment Storage Bench

This amazing bench features a locking storage compartment for your guns, covered with a stitched, brown poly-urethane cushion covering upon which people can sit. Gun Concealment Furniture

The locking compartment can hold 5 long guns at a time, which is impressive for concealment furniture.

On top of that, the upper storage compartment(without lock) has ample storage space to keep blankets or other items of your choice.

The soft fabric lined interior of this concealment bench ensures that your belonging are protected from tampering or any other damage.

It would have been even more better if this bench could be modified to use as a table.

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American Furniture Classics 611, 10 Gun Slider Cabinet

Concealment is creative, and so is this curio slider gun cabinet from AFC. The cabinet can hold up to 5 guns at a time.

The maximum length of guns it can hold is 5 feet. The sliding gun storage has been concealed behind the curio display area so nobody suspects it.

The slider is protected with a lock which can be accessed after opening the curio door lock.

The front of the cabinet features a tempered glass and adjustable shelves so it fits the purpose of decorative furniture as well.

A perfect example of Gun Concealment Furniture.

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Peace Keeper Tall Rectangular Diversion Clock

Something straight out of the James Bond Movies. This diversion clock will not only conceal your handgun but will also tell you the time.

A large secret stash compartment hidden behind the face of the clock uses a hinge and magnetic clasp enclosure to open and close with ease.

The hidden storage space is great for hiding small valuables like keys, cash, jewelry etc. The watch requires only 1 AA battery to function.

Diversion safes provide a very high level of security for your valuables in case of burglary attempts.

The rectangular wall clock can be used to conceal a handgun as well so it gives you a better chance of defense if your house is attacked by burglars or robbers.

View more images of this Wall Clock Diversion Gun Safe.



Gun Wall Rack for gun lovers Review

A gun wall rack is an amazing accessory to showcase your guns and boast off the most lucrative gun in your inventory.

Wall gun racks come in different carrying capacities however, racks with the capacity of 3-4 guns are considered to be perfect.

Gun racks can be used at home or at any store. They are not just an item for embellishments, but they provide a convenient and classy method for storage.

Gun racks for walls can be made up from wood or metal but it depends upon people what they want to buy.

By far the best gun wall rack in the market is the

American furniture classics 840 – 4 gun wall rack.

gun wall rack

The rack is completely made up of wood and features a medium brown color which adds to its appearance.

Made up from solid wood the gun rack has been decorated with wood veneers with a dark walnut type finish.

The wall gun rack features a small storage drawer in its base which can be used to store ammunition, accessories or handguns in a small quantity.

The drawer has a conventional lock mechanism so your belongings stay safe. This ensures that you can place your guns and ammo at the same place. This can be of great use in case of an immediate action.

The rack is free of any back board, so the wall you mount this on becomes its back ground. You can always use a wall decal in case you want to test your creativity. šŸ™‚

Apart from guns these gun racks for wall can be used to place swords, airguns, baseball bats and even umbrellas. Quite a multi-utility item which would find a use at your place for sure.

With the easy user guide, fitting this gun rack on the wall is a breeze. With all the required screws and bolts provided in the package, you can put this thing up on your wall within an hour.

The solid design of this wall gun rack ensures that it can hold rifles of every size and weight.


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