A Gun Carousel you can’t resist buying

A gun carousel is an classy way of showcasing your firearms. It not only improves the beauty of your place, but it gives you a convenience in accessing your guns.

Here you can take a look at some of the most impressive and convenient gun safe carousels in the market.

Winchester RASW003 Run Around Susan Gun Rack/Gun Carousel

Gun Carousel

A masterpiece from Winchester. This gun safe carousel has a stable base with a capacity for holding 12 guns at a time.

This carousel gun rack will not only display your firearms with style, it will also provide you with a smooth rotating platform to access your guns easily.

As mentioned this is a simple gun carousel so you have to take care of the safety of your guns. This carousel is helpful only if you want to showcase your guns in your office, home or store.

The silicon rubber pads in the base keep your guns in place so they don’t fall off while you spin the carousel.

This carousel won’t tip even after placing heavy rifles, so you can stay assured about its stability.

An amazing item to gift someone who owns a number of guns. Moreover, this rack can be used at display shows, hunting cabins or everyday displays.


American Classics Glass door display cabinet


Stick to the old times with this classic designed display cabinet. It showcases your guns with clarity, and protects them from dust.

Due to its height and simple locking mechanism, this carousel is out of the reach of kids. Thus eliminating and accidental hazards.

This cabinet can hold 8 guns at a time and makes for a good gun carousel. It has a base with a drop down store for storing ammunition, handguns and other accessories.

If you use rifles regularly for sports or hunting, this carousel is an easy and convenient way to store them. The carousel gun rack has a tempered glass so forced entry is minimized to a larger extent. At the least, it provides protection from kids and curious relatives.


Curio Slider Gun Carousel/Cabinet/Rack

curio gun carousel

Add some stealth to your display with the curio slider gun carousel. The carousel slides behind the curio display area keeping your guns concealed.

Sound like a Men In Black secret concealed storage, isn’t it? 🙂

The slider can accommodate 10 guns at the max. Which is huge. The base of the cabinet has a locking storage behind the lower door.

The curio area is embedded with lights and the shelves are adjustable so you can modify the display according to your needs.

The slider concealment lock can be accessed after opening the front door of the cabinet. This provided you with added protection.

This gun safe carousel is a better way of storing your guns than the normal gun safes. Any burglar would never even think that a simple curio cabinet has guns concealed within it.

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