Use of Guns by American Citizens

With some recent events of shootouts in public places in Unites States of America, a serious concern for the use of firearms has been felt. In regards to this issue, we would like to share some statistics on the use of guns by American citizens.

Bearing firearms is a common practice especially in the United States and several European countries. People feel more safe and guarded within when they carry firearms with them. To some extent, this is fine. But when it comes to social security,  the issue has a twist in it.

A lot of states in US do not require a background check for people purchasing firearms. Thus giving a chance to criminals and psychopaths to buy guns and use them.

A lot of buzz has been going around related to firearms security act and with the latest stand of president Barack Obama on firearms, things are moving towards a change. To help you get more information on the topic, we have shared an info-graphic that would help you find the facts related to firearms in America.

Use of Guns by American Citizens

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